Behn Meyer Vietnam offers a broad range of products for the rubber industry. Synthetic rubber such as SBR, NBR, and EPDM, as well as silicone rubber, are keys in the product portfolio.

Behn Meyer is actively involved in the sales of curing agents e.g. accelerators as well as Nano CC filler.

Rubber chemicals such as antioxidants, silanes, blowing agents as well as flame retardant are all provided by Behn Meyer and find their application in various industries.

Release agents and processing aids such as lubricants, tackifiers, homogeniser, dispersing agents, peptizer and plasticiser are all produced by Performance Additives, Member of the Behn Meyer Group, and distributed by Behn Meyer’s sales team.

A technically experienced team with excellent market knowledge is always at the customer’s disposal, with the aim to develop customer specific solutions and to strive for long-term cooperation.

Products available in Vietnam:

Categories Products
Curing Agent Accelerators
Polymer Bound Accelerators
Filler Nano CC
Processing Aids Dispersing Agent, Peptizer, Plasticizer
Lubricant, Tackifier, Homogenizer
Release Agent Cosmetics Paint, Bladder Coating
Mould Release, Inside Tyre Paint
Slab Dip
Rubber Chemicals Antioxidant
Antiozonant, Blowing Agent
Blowing Agent
Bonding Agent
Flame Retardant
Synthetic Rubber & Latex BUTYL
High Styrene Resin
Silicone Rubber
SBR Copolymer


Office Address:

  • Binh Duong
  • Hanoi (Rep office)

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